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Nite-hawk Sweeper is like no other: It's top of its class!

About Our Services

Decorous is a provider of exceptional power sweeping, pressure washing, and property maintenance services within the state of Florida. We started with just one truck and have grown to have a fleet that provides customized cleaning services that fit all of our clients' properties and budgets. Our growth has been largely the result of happy customers referring new clients to us, making your satisfaction a vital component of every job.

Whereas, we are a firm believer in making sure that a work order is done right. Thanks to our management, we have gained the experience and capability needed to ensure that every window, parking lot, and sidewalk looks its best.


(321) 458-7386

We Service the Following Counties in Florida:

                              * Brevard

                              * Collier

                              * Orange




Our Service Solutions For Every Task

Decorous goal is to provide professional power sweeping and maintenance services of the highest standard on schedule every time.
Our support structure consists of office staff and professional field team who are designed to maintain and understand the customer's needs. From parking lot sweeping to maintenance, Decorous Power Sweeping is also there when a customer is in need of pressure washing and maintenance solutions.
The bottom line is this: At Decorous, it is our goal to provide the finest environmental cleaning service available within the whole state of Florida. We work with commercial property owners to ensure their parking lots, driveways, and building exteriors would look their best. Our team is committed to make outdoor facilities always clean. We will never be late for an appointment, and never leave a job half done.
   We cater, but not limited, to the following:
Power Sweeping

We provide a complete range of street and parking lot sweeping service. Our team specializes in shopping center maintenance, handling everything from emptying and relining trash receptacles to blowing sidewalks, corners, and areas behind dumpsters. We can even accommodate unwanted item removal requests.

Pressure Washer

Our pressure washing system can deliver low and high pressure cleaning to blast away unwanted dirt from our customers parking lots, sidewalk, and building exterior. We utilize either hot or cold pressure washing to scrub away dirt, oil, stains, and rust to give your property a fresh, clean look.

    Surfaces We Cater To:

        *  Sidewalks  *  Under Canopies  *  Dumpster Corals  *  Gum/Beverage Stain Removal  *  Awnings

Our porters are trained to report any issues on a property that needs immediate attention for repair, while performing their work detail.
     Porter Services We Provide:
        *  Litter Removal  *  Vacant Cleaning  *  Handyman  * Cigarette Urns  *  Cobweb Removal  *  Dusting


Decorous field staff is trained to report maintenance issues before it becomes a costly situation for our clients.
    Maintenance Issues We Solve, but not limited to:
       *  Seal Coating Lot  *  Painting  *  Handyman  *  Bulk Trash Removal  *  Cleaning  *  Welding  *  Potholes  *
         Traffic Sign In stallion and Repair